Sale part #2

The next phase of our sale starts this coming Saturday (the 28th) – this part will cover our two 28mm ranges, Celtos and the Great War.


Both will be 15% off for the next nine days (until the end of Sunday 5th August).


Fade to Grey

Curt Campbell, Canadian gamer, has embarked on a project he’s calling ‘The Great War in Greyscale’ – painting up Great War 28mm figures in shades of grey, rather than colour, the better to reproduce the feel of period photographs. A very novel and ambitious project, we’re following this with interest. This week he’s posted black and white versions of some of our Belgian dogcarts.

Greyscale Dog Carts

Taking a shot at the enemy….

Its also been a while since we’ve added to our range of Great War Belgians. So here is a first look at a little group of three chaps having a shot at the invading Germans.

All three will be available with headgear to represent either Line Infantry, Carabiniers or Grenadiers.

I’m hoping to get them out for Salute on April 21st, however since they’re currently in New Zealand waiting to go to the post office that may not happen.

Two weeks for them to travel round the world, have a master mould made and then three production moulds. Its going to very tight.