A post about … no post !

I had it all planned … this weekend I was going to blog about a new batch of models that were due to arrive Friday. Amongst others, these included the prints of the 2mm farms, factories and terraces which seem to have generated a fair bit of interest.

But no. UPS once again (literally) failed to deliver. According to their website :

Dartford, United Kingdom 07/12/2012 18:49 The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.

So what exactly does this mean ? To me, it sounds like they forgot to put it on the van ! Which means I (and all of you) will now have to wait until Wednesday for a peek at the new buildings 🙁

So instead, you’ll have to be content with some release dates. Now it has to be said that we’ve never been the best at keeping to fixed release dates, but we’re going to try.




That’s far enough ahead for now (I’m getting a nosebleed thinking as far as February !). I think we’ve previewed all of these already, and we have the masters of most of them, so we’re well on the way.

Rescued from Parcelforce

Thanks to the New Zealand postal service we managed to track down the package of Belgian civilians that we feared had been seen for the last time.

It was held up because some import VAT had to be paid before it could be released. Unfortunately some bright spark at Parcelforce put the wrong name on the letter advising us of the VAT. So basically it made its way safely half way around the globe but the Royal Mail couldn’t send a letter correctly over a distance of ten miles……

So after a quick trip to the local Parcelforce depot yesterday we now have the figures in our hands. I’ll be adding them to the stack of new models that I’ll be feeding to the vulcaniser over the weekend.

Going Postal

I sat and did the Brigade post this week, as I do every week – weighing packages, printing out labels, writing customs tickets etc. And for the third week in a row, I took a sharp intake of breath at the end of it all. If you’re outside the UK you probably may not be aware that the Royal Mail hiked their prices considerably at the end of April. The main impact is at the lower end of the weight scale, where most of the parcels we send are – RM have effectively put the minimum prices of most services up by a pound or more. On each of the past three weeks we’ve lost money on postage, and that’s before we start taking account of the cost of packaging (ziplock bags, padded envelopes, boxes, even the labels used to print the postage – they all add up).

So … well, you know what’s coming next, don’t you ? Much as we hate to, we’re going to have to alter our postage charges structure, effective immediately. We’re raising the £1 handling fee per order to £2 + VAT (for orders from Europe) or £2.50 (Rest of the World) BUT at the same time we’ve reducing the percentage fees for both. UK prices will remain the same for the moment. The net effect of this will be to raise the minimum postage price for overseas orders, but by reducing the percentages the effect will be less for medium to large orders, and in fact large orders will cost less than they do at the moment. It’s on small orders where it will be most noticeable, but that reflects the changes that RM have made.

You can see the exact details on the ordering page on our website. If you have any queries or comments about this, please feel free to e-mail us about it.

Happy now !


Postage calculator fixed (woo-hoo !). It turned out to be (as suspected) a PayPal bug from one of their system ‘upgrades’. Fortunately we have a fix which seems to be working for now.

Bl**dy computers …

It’s 10:30pm, I’ve been in France all day, then I come home to find that that, out of nowhere, our shopping cart has developed problems overnight. Without any changes from me, it’s stopped calculating shipping costs properly and instead has started charging a flat £2 for shipping, regardless of where you are or what you have ordered. Orders dated 4th April are fine, it’s all worked out correctly. Orders today have incorrect shipping rates. I’ve been slogging away at it since I came home, but I’m knackered now and I’ve been unable to fix it, so until I can (or it miraculously fixes itself – just like it miraculously broke) we’ll have to send manual invoices to correct the shipping costs – or, if your order is small, we’ll refund the difference. Hopefully this will only be a very temporary problem. I hate computers sometimes.