Bunker Soldiers

Something new for a Monday … a turret bunker so you can make your very own Maginot Line. The pictures show it with a Polish Maczek tank turret because that’s what I had handy, but we’ll be selling it with the option of just about any of our tank turrets. You might have to modify it slightly because some of our turrets have different sized posts, but that should be pretty straightforward – just drill out the existing hole a bit. It needs a little bit of finishing off (adding a door in the doorway) but should be available soon.

Sale Part #2 – Update

So the sale is up and running, if you visit our site you’ll get 15% off both the Celtos and Great War ranges for the next 9 days.

As a bit of a bonus, we decided on an additional, extra special offer. Hunting round in the back of the workshop last night, we came across the mould for a gorgeous promo Swordmaiden figure that was given away at Salute 2005, back in the Urban Mammoth days (a few months before we took over the range). This figure has never been part of the range proper, and isn’t available for sale (it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the figures size-wise). However, we’re going to give away a copy of this figure with any Celtos orders for £50 or more during the sale. This will be the only way you’ll be able to get the figure, we won’t be putting it in the Celtos range and we won’t be selling it separately.

Swordmaiden 2005

(Image from Celtos Legion)

Sale part #2

The next phase of our sale starts this coming Saturday (the 28th) – this part will cover our two 28mm ranges, Celtos and the Great War.


Both will be 15% off for the next nine days (until the end of Sunday 5th August).


SF Desert Township

I’ve started out on a project to build a 15mm township from our desert buildings range (we finally have enough spare castings to let me do this – we’ve been selling them as fast as Phil makes them !). At Maidstone Wargames Society we seem to have settled on a near-future, terraformed Mars as the setting for our 6mm/15mm/starship games, using the Modified Mars site as a guide.

I haven’t named my little township yet – since I’ve been fielding German ONESS forces in our two campaigns so far, I’ll probably stick to that and come up with a suitably Germanic moniker for it.

Having picked out the models I needed (one of each of the ten models that we make, with duplicates of the three smallest houses) I ran the bottom of each model over a sheet of coarse glasspaper to smooth it off and flatten any irregularities (do this in a ventilated place, preferably outdoors, and don’t breath in any of the resulting dust – wear a mask if necessary).

The next stage, as with all resin models, is to give them a good wash in soap and water – washing-up liquid (dish soap) is fine – this removes the dust from the previous sanding, and also cleans off any residues from the casting process. I just chucked the lot in the washing-up bowl with lots of hot soapy water and gave them a scrub with an old brush, then sat them on some newspaper to dry off.

I’ll try to give a blow-by-blow breakdown of the whole process of making the township, including painting, basing, detailing etc. I tend to be fairly erratic and have bursts of activity followed by periods of nothing happening, so you might need to be patient …

Angel Barracks

Just a quick shout out for Michael at Angel Barracks – he’s the only other stockist of our 6mm buildings range and covers a few shows in the South-West of the UK that we don’t (tomorrow he’s at Attack! in Devizes, Wiltshire).

He has also started his own range of 6mm figures (we know all about this ‘cos we’re casting for him !) – a pack of civilians and a new pack of RDF (Regional Defence Force) troopers. We’ll be carrying these figures at any shows we attend, although you should go straight to AB for mail order.

Size matters …

… just ask the Brigadieress ! Actually no, don’t …

Anyway, I’ve been asked for some comparison shots of the Power Armour, so I quickly set one up last night with some of our Alien Civilian figures. As you can see, the PA are big chaps – these aren’t figure-hugging, form fitting suits, these are Man-sized hunks of metal and composite armour. The PA are based on UK pennies which are 20mm across.

If I get a chance I’ll do another photo against some GZG figures tonight (they’re the only other manufacturer I have).

There’s no ‘arm in asking …

So, separate arms or not … this is the question I posed over on TMP earlier. Phil and I felt that assembling arms on 15mm figures might be too fiddly, but it seems that perhaps not everyone shares this reservation. The best idea came from Chief Lackey Rich, who suggested a compromise – fixed left arms, but separate weapons arms. This still allows a degree of flexibility in creating your own poses, and also makes casting easier for us. The arms came with pins attached anyway so fixing them to the body is pretty straightforward. So what you’d get in a pack of six figures would be (excluding the bases of course !) …

These guys are just quickly pinned together, the final castings would obviously have the gap around the shoulder properly filled but you get the idea. There would also be a weapons pack, six torsos, three missile arms and three gatling arms.

I’ve just sat and fixed the six weapon arms to the six torsos – armed with a dremel to make a decent hole to fit the pins into, it took only a few minutes. So this may well be the way we go …

Teasing Again

A follow-on from our previous teaser, straight from the mould (sprue and all) …

Actually, as teasers go this is a bit pants as I’m sure you all know what they are !!

I’ll be putting some of these together and painting them up as soon as I can – although at the moment the Brigadieress has me stripping wallpaper and plastering walls at Brigade Towers, so who knows when I’ll get time !

And before anyone asks, we’re planning to cast the models in one piece (as far as we can – the missile and heavy weapon armed troopers will probably have to have separate weapon arms). The reason we asked the sculptor to make the arms separate was so that we could make up as many pose variants as we could, even if the differences are subtle.

Bits ‘n’ pieces

While I had the camera out for the Bizon the other evening, I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of some work-in-progress 6mm stuff that was lying on the workbench. I tend to work on multiple items at one time, so that while one master is drying/setting/curing I can switch to another.

Some of you might know of the Mounier Load Carrier, a 10-wheel Eurofed truck (part of the Legion Etranger set of models) that has been stuck in development hell for an age. Well, I’ve put together an armed variant carrying both salvo-rocket and AA missile turrets, and we should be able to release both models together pretty soon. The salvo rocket turret also goes onto the Montsabert tank hull to create the Weygand rocket launcher (from the Kicking Up Dust Iron Cow scenario).

Something a bit more weird and wonderful now. In WW2 the Soviets built a series of river patrol boats armed with a variety of tank turrets, Katyusha rockets and so on. Known as Bronekater (bronirovannyie katera, or armoured cutter), a large number were built and they served throughout the war.

So, this is my take on a Neo-Soviet near-future version of the same vehicle – this time armed with Bizon and other assorted turrets. There are two slightly different versions – the first has a Bizon turret front and rear (the model shows one tank turret and one support turret, but any mix of the two turrets will work) and will also carry two of the small gatling support mounts just behind the deckhouse. The second variant has a single Bizon turret at the front and two support turrets aft – either Shershen AA or Vikhr salvo rockets.

15mm Bizon

Another package of 3D prints turned up today, the first for a while (I took a well-earned break after the 3D printing madness of the Pegasus Bridge game).

The biggest item in there was the print (or prints, for there are lots of parts) of the 15mm Bizon tank. This has both the tank and twin-gunned support variants, along with a small sprue of stowage (fuel drums, equipment locker, spare roadwheel and track link). Along with the previously seen Laska and Kunitsa prints, we’re now ready to start getting the 15mm Neo-Soviets into production. The package also included reprints of some parts of the Laska that I managed to destroy during a previous mould-making attempt !

The fit of the parts was perfect – these models are just push-fitted together and sat on my workbench (even the top hatches are just sitting open without any glue or support), then stripped down again ready to be cleaned up and given a quick coat of gloss varnish (to make them easier to pull out of the mould). I shall be disappearing into the potting shed at the bottom of the garden with a tin of RTV-101 to start making new master moulds this very evening …