Its not a glass…..

Its a (Brigade Models) chalice, made of glass.

Over the summer a well known brand of lager ran a promotion to win personalised glasses chalices and I was fortunate enough to win a couple (well six actually). If you won you got to choose your own message to be engraved on the glass chalice.

Naturally what more could I want than my very own Brigade Models glass chalice?


I should probably get out more.

Slow but Steady

Another bout of late-working has meant little progress on anything Brigade-related. I have however been slowly ploughing on with some painted examples of our British spaceships. I’ve gone for a mid-blue (Tamiya XF-18) scheme airbrushed on, with the ‘rib’ sections and engines picked out in black (XF-85).

I was looking for some ideas for markings and picked up my copy of Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss (you can’t beat Foss for inspiration when painting anything SF). A short perusal later and I’d decided on yellow panels with black lettering and symbols.

The panels have been base-coated in Citadel Iyanden Darkson (part of the old Foundation range) and the rest of the ships drybrushed – everything is now waiting on a inkwash, and then I’ll pick out the yellow panels in a brighter colour.


SAC Fleet

Lackey Alpha has posted some pictures of a very nice painted South African fleet on his blog Broken Stars & Burning Ships. He’s also generated Full Thrust stats for them, if that’s your choice of spaceship rules.


Shapeways Sale

Shapeways are having a 20% sale on several different materials, including White, Strong & Flexible (normal and polished) from which many of the models in our Shapeways shop are made. It runs until September 20th, so get in quick.



SELWG is a-coming

The South-East London Wargames Group’s annual show, known to everyone as SELWG, is looming on the horizon – it’s around five weeks away, on Sunday October 13th.


We’re working on a bunch of new releases, some of which haven’t been revealed before – some of them were residing in the gunk tank last week, as part of the preparation for moulding.

We will be carrying a number of items from our Shapeways range of 3D printed models, we took a few bits to Salute and Broadside and they sold very well, so we’ve expanded the range of items we carry. However we can’t stock everything, and we don’t have huge numbers of any one item, so if there is anything you particularly would like to get hold of (and save paying Shapeway’s shipping fees) then you need to let us know by the end of next week – that’s Friday 13th September (unlucky for some) – so that we can order it in time (there’s a 3-week lead-time on Shapeways orders so we want to give ourselves plenty of leeway). One point to note – because we have to order theses items in, we do ask for payment in advance (we’re still stuck with a bunch of items we ordered for someone at Salute last year which they never collected or paid for).


You can also place orders to be collected at the show from the website and pay for them in advance by selecting the ‘Collect in Person’ shipping option. This doesn’t add any shipping costs and you can collect from us on the day. Alternatively, e-mail us your requirements, we’ll get your order ready and you can pay on collection.

There will be more on our SELWG releases in the coming few weeks …

That’s Better !

Regular followers of the blog will be well aware of the issues we’ve had with our British spaceships – from all the build-up to release at Salute, followed by the crashing disappointment when the initial castings of the capital ships turned out to be nowhere near good enough, and our decision to suspend the release until we’d fixed the problems.

As Phil pointed out last week, we’ve had the models reprinted, I’ve been through the tedious business of cleaning up the prints and prepping them for moulding and Phil made the mould. We tried it last week and, to the relief of us both, all went well and all of the parts came out much better then before. The main reason for this is that we’ve taken all of the larger models (heavy cruiser upwards) and split them laterally. We also remodelled the battleship/carrier engine block, which had some design issues that made it a poor caster. The older versions of the ships were cast in one piece, and frankly they were too large lumps of metal to cast properly – we had pitting and incompletely filled parts all over the shop. The thinner parts have cast much better, and we are so much happier. It does mean that the models have to be assembled (only two halves, top and bottom, plus the engine for the battleship) but this shouldn’t be beyond most modellers.

We’re still aiming for a September release for the initial batch of ten models (these three plus a light cruiser and six escort-sized vessels), followed by the dreadnought and carrier soon after.


Radio Waves

A recent addition to our Shapeways Shop is this transmitter tower model. The design is very loosely based on the Crystal Palace TV mast in south London, although much scaled down (at 1/300th scale the real thing would be 72cm tall !). Our model stands almost 6.5″ tall on the tabletop, so would make an ideal communications antenna for a small sci-fi community, or even a small modern day TV mast. It would also be ideal as a full-scale TV mast with 2mm models, where it scales out at 500ft tall.


The model sells for just under 7€ in white nylon, or 8€ in black – a pretty reasonable price for such a model, we think.

Back in the Gunk Tank

It’s been a busy few days – and unfortunately not with Brigade stuff, my real job seems to be hitting milestones almost daily which has meant late nights in the office and little time to progress with new models. Frustratingly, I have yet to have time to do anything with the first batch of castings from the mould that got us so excited last week.

However, we have just taken delivery of a new batch of 3D printed models – these have already gone into the gunk tank for cleaning (the gunk tank being the family-sized jar of cleaning fluid that sits on the shelf in my office at home). This contains a number of new releases that we’re targeting for SELWG this year, of which more will be seen when we get the models out of the tank and photograph them.