Oliver’s Army

This is Checkpoint Charlie – and it’s most certainly not cracking a smile. It’s a pair of small armed bunkers which form a standardised road checkpoint. Together with a pair of reinforced barriers it can be used to block up a road and force any ground vehicles to come to a halt. And if anyone decides to take matters into their own hands and tries to break through, a pair of tri-barrel gatling cannons will make them think again!



Checkpoint Charlie will be released at Salute 2014, and then on the website soon after – price £5.00. It’s also possible to exchange the gatling mounts for other small weapon mounts from some of our other 15mm vehicles (such as those on the Tassigny APC) although the mounting holes will have to be drilled out to accommodate the larger turret rings of these weapons.

High-rise Downtown

You know those buildings we previewed yesterday ? Well, that’s not all – there are three more larger buildings to finish off the set. There are two small blocks of apartments or offices, and a larger single-storey building.


Resin isn’t the easiest thing to photograph, especially in dodgy light with a phone, but hopefully you can see the details.

Once again, release is set for Salute.

Seen these before ?


You might think you have – they’re some of our SF advanced buildings. But these are slightly different … they’re quite a bit smaller than the 15mm versions that you’re thinking of. We’ve been promising to make these in 6mm for a while, and we’ve finally got there. And there are more …


These are the very first castings from new moulds, so there is the odd flaw and air bubble, but I’m so chuffed to get these out that I wanted to show them off, warts ‘n’ all.

Due for release in a couple of weeks at Salute.

A Fine Haul

I spent part of yesterday doing some resin casting, taking advantage of the relatively fine weather to work outside (in the UK, ‘fine weather’ = ‘not raining today’). Below is the result of my labours (most of it, anyway) – a pile that now needs sorting into storage boxes for Salute.


And yes, in amongst them there are a number of new release items that you may not have seen before – more details of these in days to come …

Salute Pre-orders

Salute is now looming large ahead of us – it’s just over two weeks away, which is scarily close. I’ve been casting away like mad and still don’t seem to be any nearer to getting all of the stock that we would like to take !


As always, we are very happy to take pre-orders for the show, but it’s getting tight now. We’ve already passed the deadline for ordering in any Shapeways items, although we will have plenty of stock of the more common items on the day. As for any other items, resin or metal, we must have your orders by Friday 4th April and no later. You can place your order by e-mailing us and we can either send you a PayPal invoice or you can pay on collection on the day. Alternatively, you can go to our website, select the ‘Collect in Person’ shipping option and place your order that way.

If you’re waiting for us to list details of our show releases, we’ll do that early next week.

Double Dice Base

A while back (a couple of years ago) we were asked by a rules writer if we could produce a base for spaceships that could accommodate two of our small six-sided dice. This we duly did, but unfortunately the set of rules in question didn’t seem to go anywhere.


However, we still have the mould and thought that it sill might be a useful item for other games systems. The base (shown here modelled by a German Dortmund class battlecruiser Scharnhorst) is a solid metal item, 28mm across flats so larger than our normal flying stands, and is supplied with the same type of plastic post. It’s solid enough to provide a very stable base for a large spaceship and has two side-by-side recesses to hold a pair of the small d6 from our Accessories range (dice are not supplied with the base).


This type of base would be useful for marking speed or acceleration, damage or shield values, altitude for aircraft, or anything else you could think of. Or just for keeping bigger ships upright !

ACC-022 – Two-dice base (pack of four) – £2.00

Somewhere in Belgium

As Tony mentioned a while ago I wasn’t able to go with him on his jolly to Stoke Rochford Hall since I was attending the Cavalier show in Tonbridge. So whilst he was tucking into venison and port I was making do with a scotch egg and a sandwich from the local Sainsburys.

Tony had kindly volunteered my services to produce the current Maidstone Wargames Society show game (something to do with it being 2014 and our Belgian range being my idea). I settled on a small encounter between German and Belgian infantry in an un-named town “Somewhere in Belgium” in August 1914. The scenery would all be scratch-built (including a rather spiffy 3D printed bandstand by Tony) with our own Belgian figures taking on Germans from Renegade Miniatures and Great War Miniatures. We used the “Through the Mud and the Blood” rules by the Two Fat Lardies.

So after a lot of late nights and a lot of painting and some very stupid ideas (indvidiual cobbles on the roads being an obvious one) the game was ready (enough) for its first outing.


At the end of the day both sides were claiming a victory. The Germans because they made it to the end of the table and there were only two Belgians left who were not casualties or prisoners. The Belgians because it had taken the Germans all day to get to the end of the table whilst losing around forty-five men and because there were still two of their men left to carry on the fight.

Last Belgians standing

The Germans decided to stop early on and engage in a long range rifle duel which the Belgians amazingly won. As a Belgian player on the day I feel duty bound to show a picture of the mass of German dead on the bridge.

Germans on the bridge

Despite being there all day I managed to take very few decent pictures of the game. Fortunately there are some better ones on Clint Burnett’s blog here.

The game will be getting its next outing at Salute in April (table GM19 if you want to come and have a look). Which gives me around three weeks to finish off the bits that weren’t ready in time for Cavalier (most noteably casualty figures and the Minerva armoured car) and correct the bits I’m not happy with.

New Stockist – Grand Scale Games


Grand Scale Games in Indianapolis specialises in very small scale (2mm) gaming and Nick now stocks many of the items from our Land Ironclads and Aeronef ranges. We often get asked about Aeronef stockists in North America – now we have one again.


Priest of the Devil

Every so often we get very lucky. This happened in the second half of last year when Zac Braham approached us with a design for a 15mm hover tank which he’d christened the ‘Shaman’. It was based around the concept of the American M551 Sheridan light tank (with which it shares a bit of a resemblance) as an inexpensive, lightweight tank which nevertheless carries significant firepower. Ideal for governments on a limited budget or mercenary units which don’t want to haul super-heavy battletanks across the galaxy.


As often happens in Brigade Towers, development has been on the slow side but we’re finally here, and the Shaman is ready to enter service as the first vehicle in our new Mercenary Brigade range. In addition, the turret fits our standard turret bunker so you also have the option of one fitted with the Shaman turret. These two join the Gallieni tank destroyer as releases this week.


SF15-1501 – Shaman hover tank – £8.00
B15-1002q – Mercenary Turret Bunker – £9.00


A 6mm version will follow in due course, and additional vehicles to accompany it to expand our Mercenary vehicle options.

And ‘Priest of the Devil’? The title of a C.17th illustration of a Siberian shaman by a Dutch explorer – it’s amazing what you can find on Wikipedia late at night…

A Miraculous Release

Today we have another new release from our back catalogue of unreleased masters (which scarily still has over 100 models across all of our ranges that have yet to make the transition to production).


This is the EuroFed Gallieni tank destroyer, based on the hull of the Montsabert hover tank but with a fixed gun and superstructure. It’s named for Marshal Joseph Gallieni, credited as the guiding hand behind France’s famous victory at The Miracle of the Marne in 1914, which stopped the attacking Germans before they reached Paris. You may have spotted a pair of prototype models in our recent Hammer’s Slammers game.

SF15-401d – Gallieni Tank Destroyer – £8.00

A 6mm version will follow, the design work is done but we need to order and mould the masters.