Last Chance Saloon


It’s the last day of our sale. 24 hours to bag a bargain, the sale comes off the website at midnight GMT today. This is your last chance to get 15% off our spaceships, 6mm or 15mm SF vehicles, Aeronef, Land Ironclads, 2mm Buildings, Celtos, WW1 Belgians, Magpie miniatures or Squadron Commander.

On Thursday things go back to normal – but of course this means lots of new releases again, and here’s a preview of things to come…


That about wraps it up for now …

I’ve just returned from the workshop where I’ve cleared almost all of our outstanding orders (apart from a couple that need lots of resin casting … sorry if you’re one of those two, but we won’t be able to clear those until early next week). Those that are small enough are in the postbox, and a courier is collecting the larger ones tomorrow.

And that’s me just about done for Xmas. I am working tomorrow, but that will be a day of 3D design work, creating new models for release next year. If I make enough progress and have time I’ll show off some of the stuff I’m working on.

The website remains open for orders 24/7 and of course the sale is still on for another nine days, so there’s plenty of time to grab a bargain (and we’ve noticed some of you making your second sale orders already).

We’ll be returning to the workshop next week, but until then …

Merry Xmas Snow

It’s oh so quiet …

It has been quiet on the blog of late, mainly because the Brigade elves are feverishly busy casting and packing the Xmas sale orders and getting them into the post. I had planned a couple of modelling articles, some previews of new products for next year, but it just hasn’t worked out …

We have managed a suitably festive cake review (well, we have to keep our strength up somehow !) – it’s the latest incarnation of Mr Kipling’s Festive Bakewells.

Finally, a reminder – the last posting dates for anywhere overseas are long past, but UK first class post can still be sent up to the 20th, which is this Saturday. So if you get your UK orders in by 9am Friday morning (the 19th) I will do my utmost to get them in the post on Saturday and to you by Christmas (no promises, mind, but we will try).

Fisher Revisited


After I published the stats for the Fisher dreadnoughts a while back, it was pointed out to me that they contained an error – not enough main gun turrets ! The stats had three, the model four. So I’ve corrected this and uploaded new stats to the website. At the same time I’ve added the new Swiftsure cruiser to the British list.


I also spotted that the Bulwark was missing from the stats, so that’s also been uploaded, along with an updated to the fighters list.


I was hoping to get the Indonesians added, but the sale orders keep coming in so I’m spending lots of time at the workshop casting – I’ll try to get these added next week.

Tiny Terrain Part #1

A little while ago I attended the latest Stoke Rochford Aeronef event at one of the finest venues I’ve ever gamed in. The theme for the game was the invasion of England, with Her Majesty’s Aerial forces attempting to see off all manner of nefarious interlopers.

In a moment of madness (probably during the third bottle of wine after dinner at the previous event) I had volunteered to make some terrain to play the game over. Given that this was over six months before, in theory I had plenty of time and no pressure. But, as is always the case, things get left until the last minute so I spent much of the last couple of weeks beforehand feverishly working away to get this ready (our show schedule at the time didn’t help).

The idea was to produce a piece of coastline based on the Scarborough area in Yorkshire. I rapidly abandoned any thoughts of making a full sized version of the town since it would require a massive number of buildings and not be all that practical to play on, the Aeronef models on their bases wouldn’t have anywhere to stand up. I thus scaled it down to a more rural area of coast with some small villages and hamlets. There were a number of specific features that I wanted to incorporate such as a wide river with bridges, a coastal castle, railway line, pier and small harbour. The terrain was split into several boards for ease of transport. I started by drawing out a plan of the boards on some large sheets of paper (I used cheap lining paper from Homebase) with each of these features planned into the layout. One of the boards was deliberately left featureless with no roads or railway, since I wanted something I could use later for photography purposes.

The basic construction of the boards used 1″ insulation foam on a base of 3mm MDF – the latter stops the edges of the boards from being too fragile but, as I discovered, it has a tendency to warp and made the boards curl slightly (even though I tried putting weights on it while it dried). I kept the surface of the terrain flat apart from at the coast itself, this again was to make the terrain practical to play over – rolling countryside would look better but nothing could stand up on it. The MDF was cut with a jigsaw, the foam with a hot wire cutter and the two glued together with DIY adhesive. The coastline was carved and shaped with the hot wire cutter and a very sharp knife with some areas that gently sloped to the sea and other more vertical cliff faces. The edges of the MDF were thinned with a cylindrical sander in a Dremel where the beaches rolled down to the sea and coated with PVA and sand. The whole thing was then painted with household emulsion – I got lucky and picked up a 2.5l tin of grass green for £2 in an end of line sale at Homebase, but other colours were from tester pots, mostly from Wickes. The beaches were painted sand (obviously), the cliffs in grey drybrushed with off-white and the gentler slopes brown. Various quantities of sand and model railway ballast were used to texture some areas.

With the basecoat on, the railway was glued down. This had been primed in grey car primer first, and once the glue had dried I gave it a good coat of Army Painter quickshade. Once this had been matt varnished, I ran a silver paint pen along the rails. Although not perfect, this gave a reasonable effect which I was pretty happy with, given that hand-painting the sleepers on over fifty pieces of track was never really a sensible option.

The road layout was drawn on in marker pen first to make sure it worked. I then painted over the roads in grey emulsion on which was sprinkled fine railway ballast. A couple of minor tracks were painted sand with similar coloured ballast.

In one area I painted a few fields in brown and sand to indicate a more rural region. At this point I was finally ready to start flocking the boards, for which I used Woodland Scenics’ fine grass green flock for the main areas and sands and browns for the fields. This suddenly made the boards look more like a region of scale terrain, rather than a messy primary school DIY project.

This article has grown rather bigger than expected, so I’ll leave it there for now – next time I’ll deal with the final details of the terrain and the buildings.

Xmas Sale 2014

So, here we are again – it’s December, which surely means the Brigade Christmas Sale !


As in previous years, it’s a straightforward 15% discount off everything that we make – no minimum order, just 15% off everything. There are one or things it doesn’t apply to – essentially anything that we don’t make ourselves (so dice and bases, any rulebooks, the Shapeways range) on which our margins are much narrower. Full details are on our website.

The sale will run until the end of the month – midnight GMT on December 31st – so there’s no rush, you have a month to get your orders in.

TMP Xmas 2014

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you might want to refresh your browser (hit the F5 key or -> reload/refresh on most Windows machines) just before you add the first item to your shopping basket. The shopping cart code is carried in a Java file which can be cached (ie an old version retained) by your browser and in this case the discounts won’t be applied correctly – refreshing the page will force this file to be updated. We are checking every order that comes in and if this does happen to you then don’t worry, we will manually refund the correct discount to you as soon as we can.