It Was Christmas Eve, Babe, in the Gunk Tank*

* – with thanks (and apologies) to Kirsty Macoll and The Pogues.

We’ve shown you our Gunk Tank before – it’s where 3D printed models go to have the last vestiges of support wax and other associated by-products of the printing process stripped off of them. It’s nothing too sophisticated, just a glass jar (the largest one I could find) full of degreasing fluid. We just dump the models in there for 24 hours or so and it does a great job of cleaning the models and making them ready for moulding.

Our gunk tank has been very busy lately, cycling through lots of new models in preparation for a full-on barrage of new releases in 2013. Starting tomorrow, Christmas Day, we’ll be running our own Brigade ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ – a series of previews, one a day, of new stuff you can expect to see from us (mostly in the first part of the year). Don’t worry, I won’t be sitting blogging on Christmas Day, I’ll be enjoying my turkey with the Brigadieress and the rest of the family – through the wonders of WordPress scheduling we have the posts all lined up and written in advance, ready to be automatically published each morning. So check back when you have time, and enjoy the festive season 🙂

Celtos – Creeping from the Darkness

Those of you visiting our forum will have heard a few teasers regarding the new game. It’s been a while but we can announce a new version of Celtos is out of the shadows.

celtosnews1 Celtos has become a mass combat game where heroes and their warriors clash in a chaotic mix of sharp steel, magic and fate.


The core rules have been laid down and playtesting is underway. The game will retain the rich and colourful world and background of the original Celtos but the game has evolved into a genuine mass combat system.

More updates will follow as we progress through the current round of playtesting.

Painted Houses

These should really have been ready when we released the 2mm buildings, but they weren’t (lack of spare time as always). But I’ve finished painting up some samples of the new houses and churches, which is much nicer than looking at unpainted castings or the printed masters ! If you click on the images you’ll go to the product page on the website where you’ll find even more pictures.

2mm Buildings Released

Today we’ve released the first 2mm scale buildings that we’ve been previewing for a while. The first models are the English village set of 20 houses and the churches. Although part of our Land Ironclads range, the models would be usable for any 2mm scale land game or as coastal terrain for 1/1200th scale naval games.

VLI-8006 English Village (20 houses) – £5.00
VLI-8007 English churches (three models) – £3.00

The plan is to release additional sets as fast as we can make them – if you’ve been following the blog for the past few weeks you’ll have seen plenty of previews, if not then just click here for more.

And of course the Christmas sale is still running, so you can buy these at 15% off until the end of December.

Late Arrival

UPS got their act together and remembered to put the parcel on the van this time, so the new batch of 2mm building prints have arrived. This package contained, amongst other things, the farms, factories and terraced houses that we previewed at the end of last month. Once I’d brushed the left-over nylon dust off, they look pretty good – the factories especially, with their larger windows and tall chimneys.

I’m also pleased with the farms, the oast houses and windmills should give a very rural feel to your layouts.

And finally the terraces, perfect places to house the workers for your factories.

And these … ? Poplar trees. Spray green, paint the trunks grey/brown, cover in flock. No idea if they’ll look any good, haven’t tried it yet, but I’m hopeful !

We’re looking at releasing these sets over the next 3-4 weeks, so keep an eye out here and on the website.

Nearly ready to go …

While we wait for the late-arriving factories and farms, we have some good news to share. We ran the production mould of the 2mm houses last night and we have to say that things are looking good – judge for yourselves:

These are straight from the mould without any clean-up so far – but they don’t need much, just clip off the little bits of sprue and run a file quickly round the rough edges.

We’re aiming for a release this weekend; I’m hoping to slap some paint on them first, but even if that doesn’t happen they’ll be on the website and up for sale by Monday morning, which means of course that you’ll be able to take advantage of the Xmas sale.

A post about … no post !

I had it all planned … this weekend I was going to blog about a new batch of models that were due to arrive Friday. Amongst others, these included the prints of the 2mm farms, factories and terraces which seem to have generated a fair bit of interest.

But no. UPS once again (literally) failed to deliver. According to their website :

Dartford, United Kingdom 07/12/2012 18:49 The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.

So what exactly does this mean ? To me, it sounds like they forgot to put it on the van ! Which means I (and all of you) will now have to wait until Wednesday for a peek at the new buildings 🙁

So instead, you’ll have to be content with some release dates. Now it has to be said that we’ve never been the best at keeping to fixed release dates, but we’re going to try.




That’s far enough ahead for now (I’m getting a nosebleed thinking as far as February !). I think we’ve previewed all of these already, and we have the masters of most of them, so we’re well on the way.

Australian Aeronef Championships

Every year, Phil LeHunt organises the Australian New Year’s Eve Aeronef Championships, hosted by the Monday Knights.

Planning is underway for this year’s event and the format will be similar to that of the last four years – three rounds, scenario driven – however this year there’s a change in fleet construction, with players using 150CP Aeronef fleets. (Instead of the 400pt fleets used in previous years).

This is the 5th year that the event has been held, and each year Brigade have provided some prize support for the winner and runner-up (we’d love to attend in person but shipping the stand over would involve just a bit of excess baggage charges !). You can read the umpire’s report on last year’s event to get a feel for how much fun they seem to have.

So if you’re down under, fancy a bit of ‘neffing on New Year’s Eve, contact Phil – I’m sure he’d love to see more players.